Find answers to common questions about our Smart audio Bluetooth glasses.

What is smart eyewear

Bluetooth Smart Glasses allow users to connect to smart phones. They are designed to be worn on prescription glasses or sunglasses and are powered by rechargeable batteries, which are charged through the attached USB cable.

The working principle of bluetooth smart glasses replaces bluetooth earphones. It connects to your smart phone via bluetooth, which realizes functions such as listening to music, answering calls, GPS navigation, etc. The lenses can be replaced with personal prescription lenses, sun lenses, aging lenses, etc.

What are the features of Smart Eyewear products? bluetooth chip can connect quickly
2.Energy-saving core, battery life increased by 60%
3.Perfect stereo sound effect, HIFI level enjoyment
4.Simple design with one-button operation
5.Comfortable to wear professional ergonomic design
6.Lenses can be replaced with prescription lenses, sun lenses, aging lenses, etc. according to individual needs

How do I connect my Smart Eyewear to my phone or computer?

Turn on the bluetooth of the mobile phone. The bluetooth smart glasses will automatically connect when they are turned on.

Can I use Smart Eyewear with my prescription glasses?


What is the battery life of Smart Eyewear?

According to our experimental data, the capacity becomes 70% of the original capacity after charging and discharging 500 times

What is the warranty for Smart Eyewear products?

The after-sales service of the Bluetooth smart glasses sold by our company is 1 year. It does not include damage caused by human factors.

How long does it take to charge Smart Eyewear?

Except for KX31, other models can be fully charged in 10 minutes.
It takes 30 minutes to fully charge the KX31

Can I return or exchange Smart Eyewear products if I am not satisfied?

Cannot be replaced

How do I know if Smart Eyewear products are compatible with my device?

Bluetooth smart glasses are suitable for all devices with Bluetooth function

What is the price range for Smart Eyewear products?

Please refer to the list of quotations I have provided to you

Are there any discounts or promotions available for Smart Eyewear products?

Of course, we will give a certain discount according to the order quantity

How do I clean and maintain my Smart Eyewear?

Does not require special cleaning and maintenance

Are there any safety precautions I should be aware of when using Smart Eyewear?

Pay attention to waterproof and avoid charging for a long time

What happens when it rains, are Smart Eyewear products waterproof?
Smart Glasses Life Waterproof IP67

Smart Glasses Life Waterproof IP67

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We have international shipping channels but the shipping fee is not included

How do I become a stockist of Smart Eyewear Products?

We have already considered you as a first-level agent

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