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Introducing Skylar: not just eyewear, but a revolution in vision adaptability. These electrochromic glasses are a symphony of technology and style, offering the unparalleled ability to transition from crystal clarity to a shaded sanctuary at the touch of a button. Skylar is the epitome of control in a world awash with light.

With a staggering 1000 hours of use time, Skylar promises enduring reliability, whether you're stepping into the sun's embrace or retreating into the cool shadows. The efficient 30mAh battery ensures your shades are ready to adapt when you are, without the constant need for recharging.

Skylar's frames are more than a mere accessory; forged from TR90, they offer unmatched durability and comfort, ready to bend to your will without ever breaking. The glass LCD screen lenses are a canvas of innovation, displaying the world in high definition while granting you the power to dictate how much light you take in.

The true magic of Skylar lies in its UV protection capability, a guardian against the invisible threat of UV rays. But what sets Skylar apart is the power it gives you: the ability to decide just how dark your lenses should be, giving you a bespoke visual experience indoors, outdoors, and anywhere in between.

Skylar is for the pioneers, the style savants, the connoisseurs of convenience who appreciate the subtleties of a product that doesn’t just change with them but changes for them. They are a rare breed of transition lenses, a perfect pair for those who seek to command the light around them.

Embrace the mystery and mastery of Skylar, where the power of light is yours to control. These are not just glasses; they are the ultimate companion for the discerning individual who wants to remain enigmatic yet empowered, unique yet unbound. With Skylar, you have more than vision; you have vision with intention.


Use Time: 1000 hours - Enjoy an extraordinary 1000 hours of usage time, providing unparalleled longevity and reliability for your visual and wearable needs.

Battery Capacity: 30mAh - Despite its compact size, the 30mAh battery offers efficient power management for sustained performance and convenience.

Temple Material: TR90 - The temples are crafted from TR90, a thermoplastic material known for its incredible durability and flexibility, ensuring a comfortable fit that stands up to everyday use.

Lens Material: Glass LCD Screen - Advanced glass LCD screen lenses provide crisp, clear visuals while incorporating the latest digital display technology for a unique, high-tech viewing experience.

Lens Function: UV Protection - Protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays with our lenses, specifically engineered to filter out UV radiation and safeguard your vision in even the brightest conditions.


Use time: 1000 hours

Battery capacity: 30mAh

Temple material: TR90

Lens material: glass LCD screen

Lens function: UV protection


Use time: 1000 hours

Battery capacity: 30mAh

Temple material: TR90

Lens material: glass LCD screen

Lens function: UV protection

Smart Audio eyewear.

Sound you’d never expect from sunglasses.

Ear Audio

Battery life


Ai Voice

Bluetooth 5.2

Hands Free
Voice Calls

Experience Sound Like Never Before with Smart Audio Glasses

Our smart audio Bluetooth glasses combine cutting-edge technology with sleek design, allowing you to listen to music, make calls, and access voice assistants seamlessly.

Open Ear Audio

Experience crystal-clear sound with our advanced audio technology.

Hands-Free Calling

Make and receive calls without taking out your phone.

Voice Assistant

Access your favorite voice assistant with a simple voice command.


£ 220 GBP
£ 169 GBP

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